Monthly Archives: January 2018

Milk Enema Lesbians

This is simply one of the hottest porn videos ever made! In this video, two hot blonde lesbians take turns injecting milk and what appears to be yogurt up each other’s assholes and eating the contents that come out of each other’s asses! One even squirts her milk enema onto cereal piled on the floor and the other woman starts eating it.

Could you imagine having a girlfriend like that??? 😀

Public Piss 1 – Old Man Kicks Pissing Woman

This is a posed public pissing video where paid models and a cameraman go out in public and footage is shot of the woman urinating around people. The entire video is worth watching, but the hilarious part is at 3:54 where an old man who doesn’t like what he sees comes up behind the squatting woman and kicks her hard right in the ass!