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Swinger Beach 5 – 69 & Sex On Crowded Beach

Here is video of a mature couple doing a 69 on a crowded beach then having sex in the cowgirl position. By mature, I would say the woman is about 45 to 50. And when I say crowded, I would say people are about 2 feet away from them or less. I would guess this is from Cap D’Agde, France, as that place is famous worldwide for its swinger’s beach where sex in public is allowed on a specific portion of the beach (but not on the family beach or on the streets where nudity is allowed).

Spa Voyeur 4 – Cuties At The Nude Spa

2 young adult cuties disrobing at the spa, one brunette and one blonde. The blonde looks like she is a bit shy, like she has never been to a nude mixed gender spa before. The brunette has nice jiggly tits. As with almost all young German women, both are sporting shaved, hairless pussies.

A young woman about 20 to 22 gets into and out of a pool. She is with a man, possibly her boyfriend.

A woman showers. She’s okay. I’m not wild about her hairstyle. Much like a mullet.

A woman rinses off in the shower with 3 or 4 men coming and going.

Spa Voyeur 3 – Coed Nude Showering

Here are a few more nude mixed gender German spa videos. Hidden camera, hard to hide going to a spa where you must be nude. That is why there are so few of these vids. These are very rare. Download them and keep them.

3 tight, fit bodies and 2 chubbies. A group of college-aged women go to the nude spa and you get to see it.

5 or 6 women showering with 2 middle-aged men, strangers. The one with the tanlines has a really nice ass! It must be difficult for a guy walking past that to not be tempted to grab a handful of squishy ass! Mmmm, buncakes!

Unrelated men and women showering, a woman rubbing herself with shaved ice. Check out the nice ass at the 59 second mark.

Spa Voyeur 2 – More Wellness Cuties

Here are a few short hidden camera voyeur videos taken likely at a German wellness spa or sauna. These places are mixed gender nude, coed, FKK but not brothels. More to come! 🙂

There are some candid camera FKK whorehouse videos somewhere and the hookers there are BEAUTIFUL! I was stunned to see such beautiful women whoring themselves out, fucking and sucking anybody willing to pay (if you are in to such things). I have been told the women working at those German FKK saunas are mostly impoverished Eastern European women. Wherever they are from, their are hot as hell!

Now onto the hidden camera wellness spa videos. These places feature saunas, showers, pools of varying temperatures, and eateries where you can eat with a towel wrapped around you–or fully nude–while admiring all the naked women…and maybe enjoying the spa, too. It has been said women in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands are not going nude at the beach as much as they used to, but they still go to these nude spas. These videos seem to indicate that indeed women are going full nude at those wonderful places. What a great job it would be to work at one of those spas and see naked women all day long!

I am not sure, but these look like maclane4’s videos. maclane4 was a voyeur who was sharing his videos over at OneClickChicks but got angry because people were reposting them elsewhere, so he had all his uploads deleted and disappeared with his email going dormant. maclane4, wherever you are, you made some awesome videos! So we thank you, maclane4, because many countries don’t have mixed gender naturist spas like this.

I hope you people appreciate a candid look into these coed mixed gender nude spas in Europe (I think these are from Germany) because it has got to be insanely difficult to sneak a hidden camera in when you are required to be completely nude. That is why there are very few of these types of videos. Where are you going to hide a camera? Between your ass cheeks? 😉 Download them while you can! They may be taken away at any time. 🙁

A young woman of about 22 or 23 emerges nude from a pool as a naked man walks past.

A college-aged woman of about 22 or so emerges nude from a pool as a middle-aged man emerges behind her. Probably sneaking a look at her ass or asshole, no doubt! 😉

A few nude women showering with strangers next to them or passing by.

More to come.

Nudist Video 1 – Documentary About Cap D’Agde

There is a city in France where a section of the city is legally clothing optional. That place is Cap D’Agde. You can go to the grocery store nude, the post office, walk down the street naked, be naked in your hotel, bar, restaurant, and visit their famous “mandatory nude” beach. This place was for many years the congregation point for tens of thousands of naturists from around Europe, and it was family-oriented. But in the past 15 years, Cap D’Agde became overrun with older swingers, many of whom openly have sex on a portion of the beach local officials decided to allow sex on. There are videos of that floating around, with people mostly 50 and up having sex on the beach in full public view, with lots of single older men standing nearby watching and playing with their wieners.

This video features paid models hosting a documentary of Cap D’Agde’s famous naturist quarter and asking questions of various nudists. There is more to the video than the uploader presented (I did not upload it). It had to be removed for obvious reasons.