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Pervert Al Franken Resigns

Ass groper extraordinaire Al Franken is many things. A failed radio talk show host. A lousy comedy writer for Saturday Night Live. But one thing he was never afraid to do is grab some nice woman ass if the mood hit him.

Did you ever grab womens’ butts? Did you like it? I used to do it all the time! And only once did a girl (in high school) get mad. Other than that, all the women were either happy I did it or didn’t care one way or the other.

I always loved seeing a woman in tight pants and then “targeting” her for an ass grope. I would wait for the proper moment and then walk by and squeeze a handful of nice, soft ass! I miss this days.

Because Al enjoyed that ass grabbing hobby so much, his fellow Democrats turned on him and forced him to resign. His political career is over and his other career(s) are probably over as well. But only Al knows how much yummy woman ass he grabbed over the years!

Pervert Ass Groper Former Senator Al Franken.