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Strip Club Dressing Room 2 – 2001 Odyssey

More video from the dressing room cam at 2001 Odyssey in Tampa, Florida. This video again features the lovely Kendra, who changed her name from Gia last year I think, straightening her hair (if you watch her arrive to the dressing room, her hair is naturally curly).

Look how gorgeous she is. Look at that cute ass. As 2001 Odyssey is a full contact strip club, that ass is yours to touch, squeeze, and caress should you buy a dance from her. If you get the chance, DO IT! 2001 Odyssey is full nude, too. Kendra/Gia will grind that beautiful naked ass of hers in your crotch while you play with her tits. Now I’m all horny for Kendra/Gia! Aren’t you? Go see her!