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After nearly 20 years in operation providing people with quality topless and nude beach voyeur videos, is now closed according to its home page. There have been a number of producers of candid nude and topless beach video material that have come and gone over the years, and a few newcomers in the past year or two, but none can match the quality of beach voyeur video that ILTB released.

ILTB got its start as Eurobeach in the late 1990s, providing low frame rate videos of mostly topless beaches in Spain and France and topless beaches in Netherlands. Then it “merged” with Softb (South of France Topless Beaches) and became “I Love The Beach” sometime in the early to mid 2000s, expanding its reach to Eastern European beaches. While many other beach voyeur websites would release any type of shaky crap it could capture or its contract voyeurs could supply, ILTB set its bar higher, insisting on quality video with attractive female subjects. As such, ILoveTheBeach was the gold standard of what beach voyeurs could capture both in terms of video quality and the beauty of its female subjects.

Goodbye, I Love The Beach, you will be missed. You provided a window into a world much of the world does not know, showing us what beaches are like in countries that are not as uptight about nudity as much of the world is. I often imagine what it would have been like to grow up in a society like that, to see topless or naked women every time I went to the beach, where such a thing is not shameful nor immoral. Thanks for the mammaries, ILTB. I shall tip back a glass of milk in your honor.