Nudist Video 1 – Documentary About Cap D’Agde

There is a city in France where a section of the city is legally clothing optional. That place is Cap D’Agde. You can go to the grocery store nude, the post office, walk down the street naked, be naked in your hotel, bar, restaurant, and visit their famous “mandatory nude” beach. This place was for many years the congregation point for tens of thousands of naturists from around Europe, and it was family-oriented. But in the past 15 years, Cap D’Agde became overrun with older swingers, many of whom openly have sex on a portion of the beach local officials decided to allow sex on. There are videos of that floating around, with people mostly 50 and up having sex on the beach in full public view, with lots of single older men standing nearby watching and playing with their wieners.

This video features paid models hosting a documentary of Cap D’Agde’s famous naturist quarter and asking questions of various nudists. There is more to the video than the uploader presented (I did not upload it). It had to be removed for obvious reasons.

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