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Nude Beach 49 – Nude Volleyball

Here is video of an attractive woman with a tight body and mostly shaved pussy playing volleyball at the nudist (clothing optiona) beach. Later in the video is a real nude cutie about 20 to 22 years of age nude with a friend and a group of guys.


0:00: Woman playing volleyball nude.
9:41: Cutie completely nude, cute ass, shaved cunt, perky tits. Awesome!

Nude Beach 40 – Odessa

This installment of nude beach voy videos is from Odessa, Ukraine. Not the most heavily populated of nude beaches, but this video and others I have seen demonstrate that some pretty young women visit it.

Two women nude, a brunette and a blonde. You only see the brunette in this first vid. She is not bad, is she? Would you have sex with her? I would.

The same two women laying on their stomachs. Nice asses. 🙂 I would “accidentally trip” over the first woman’s legs and land face first into the naked ass of the blonde!