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Natural Beauty Shauna Grant

Here is a video featuring the late Shauna Grant from the early 1980s. If you do not know her story, I’ll give you a quick run down. Her and her boyfriend moved to Los Angeles, California, from small-town Minnesota. She became a nude model and then moved over to porn after breaking up with her then boyfriend. She got addicted to cocaine. She moved in with her next drug dealer boyfriend. The drug dealer boyfriend got arrested, sentenced to prison, and he told Shauna (real name Colleen Applegate) she had to leave his home. She grabbed a rifle from the closet (or wherever it was) and shot herself in the temple. She died at the hospital several hours later.

Shauna Grant was featured in the PBS Frontline episode “Death Of A Porn Queen” back in 1987. The video of that Frontline special is linked to below on Youtube. It is an interesting documentary to watch.

Death Of A Porn Queen documentary on Youtube

In this free porn video, Shauna Grant stars in a scene with the late Jamie Gillis.